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Let us introduce you to our lovely range of reed diffusers – which will give you months of fragrance without demanding any fuss or attention from you, and will be perfectly behaved wherever you choose to put them. Joy A sparkling citrus floral on a complex (but soft) woody and musk base, over a rich, floral heart of rose, lily and iris Why we love it- because this word ….and this fragrance… just can’t be separated. This sparkly, happy, summer floral is fresh, enthusiastic & uncomplicated. Not quite bouncy, but most definitely upbeat – and you just can’t be down in the mouth when she’s around. Beautifully presented in a stunning gift box

MeltMade by Melt, who specialise in creating fine fragrances – exquisite perfumes that you would choose to wear yourself and that we love to blend for you to use in your home. Fragrance is rightly known for turning your mood & creating the right ambience - & our preferred choice is always elegant, sophisticated, a tad refined, confident & slightly sexy! Or, as some splendid newspaper of note said..."recherche".

Melt have been blending fragrances for our hand poured candles since 1999 and have now selected some favourites for new reed diffusers. Not all of our thirty fragrances are available; this is because fragrance molecules are a little like people (honestly!) and come in all shapes and sizes. The gorgeous oils that make up some of our richer deeper fragrances are particularly stunning in wax because the heat from the flame helps to mobilise them into the room; however, they are just too heavy to diffuse through the reeds under their own steam on account of them being a little too .......ermmmmm....curvy!!!  We are certain however, that the reed diffuser ranges we have will not fail to delight!